aku dalam dilema sekarang ni.

Jumaat, 25 Mac 2011

study as spm candidate now.

semalam;23 mac 2011 results spm dah keluar.bila tengok results akak abang batch tahun lepas,my heart pumped blood actively,dup dap dup dap.the sinoatrium generated fast.no one had gotten straight As but the mighties Allah had already given the real things.yeah,we ask what we want and we're given what we need.just try to stand in the real world,as human beings who have feelings also abilitlity of thinking.

i always think that cikgu lela is the one who loves to give extra exercises to students in a form of homework.and i always hear the excuses such as ' no time lah,other subjects also have homeworks' from my friends including me.what the good students kan.now,i'm trying to muhasabah diri,how long time i have each day is 24 hours.i'd taken 12 subjects before but the time for 12 subjects should be planned wisely.i need to be a mother to my 12 sons.today,i get the answer for my muhasabah diri,the explaination.how about the other students ye? who takes 10 subjects and above,excluding me who only take 9 subjects.previous students took more than 10 subjects, but they still managed to get  A in all subject.they wont get such results if they didnt do exercises in an early stage.they also have 24 hours a day, just like me.the huge different is they know how to manage their time effectively.
 it means,i should start to manage my time properly.with an objective; get an excellent result.
mybe i dont score straight A+ for my spm,but ummi tells me that i need to keep on my hard work.yeah,i should stop wasting time with lagha things and ready to reduce my napping time. ; )
i dont know why i have been such unconfident like this?who know; the rezeki is unexpected because Allah is maha kuasa menentukan what i will have.we're deciders only;not more than that.

hebat sy x lukis sinoatrium?
bye-moody for spm yesterday.
-nurul fakhriah

p/s : i also need to lampias my mengidam nak makan yogurt fruity.it's such a ~~~~ can't be described by word.