aku dalam dilema sekarang ni.

Jumaat, 15 April 2011

huda's day ☼ .

she starts riding motorcycle! what an unposibble thing here.maybe her cerebrum develops immediately dengan melampau.today,i feel such wonderful day as we gather at taman beside pondok guard sekolah tu and we laugh happily and cheerly.i dont know how saddest I if we separate after spm without any contact number e.g or others that can link us back.fb? not enough for me.assume if fb is deactived one day? it's better i have all of their phone numbers.

i online this moment because kae na has told me that she ada mengumpat about me in her blog.BUT what there is?not such a gossip as i expect,there is only my name in her entry. LOL. by the way,thanks a lot,lovely thanks.

we do not study about chapter 4 yet but everyone seems cant wait to learn this.chapter 4 form 5 is overally about reproduction and growth of human beings also plants.how the process of fraternal and identical twins can be run,also about the methods to overcome a pair's problem who dont want children and unable to start their family yet.how?if you've problem to start your family,i suggest the surrogate method or sperm bank.we can find out more about the methods in chapter 4.

here i attach some pics taken by me today. ♥

huda with her motorcycle.

dia memang anak dara yang comel.

kae,apa awak buat tu?

budak motor tgh bermesyuarat.

selamat jalan hoodae.


minum lagi yana.hebat kae posing.
spm will coming soon.berdebar jugak kadangkala.and today i on 3 blogs of ain's,huda's and kaena's.also the fb,before i go for tuition later.

i hate the word sombong.
bubye... ☺