aku dalam dilema sekarang ni.

Khamis, 7 April 2011

a simple entry ↓ .

first of all,i would like to say 'sorry' to kak na for my rude and unpolite also unconsider words this morning.a zillion sorries from saya,kak na.my hormone becomes unstable because i'm not really well.second,yeah! smile and good face lalalala~, i have been received my earnings from nuffnang.what a beatiful day,haha.well,syukur alhamdulillah.here,i'm thankful to Allah because He gives me rezeki yang berlimpah.thanks too to all bloggers who always drop by here,and keep on droping by here. : )

nie yang awal tahun lalu.

pukul 9.13mlm td..-rasmi.hehe
i'd gone to Parkson,accompaning ummi.here,i saw a lot of shoes and sandals; with elegance scene and huhu each good costs above RM50 lah.but i's glad for looking and testing some shoes and sandals there.

comel sesangat shoes nie. >.<

his name syafiq ukhwah and i seem to be close to him.special person never come twice in our life but Allah asks us to think about the takdir determined.no need logically because human beings always sleep in their angan-angan.but the qada qadar can be changed by berdoa.berdoa is something wonderful,by berdoa also praying victims can survive in their life without food and drinks.by berdoa,our wish akan dimakbulkan.hadith says that doa itu otak ibadah.talking about otak,everybody knows that it is our centre of activities.there is hipotalamus,our pusat kawalan and there is cerebrum,the part that known as the largest section in our brain.it is important! as muslims and muslimah because cerebrum controls our sight,touching,speech also imaginations.and person who like mathematics,here is the part that responsible for mathematical skills.

end here.
sayang semua.
good health.