aku dalam dilema sekarang ni.

Jumaat, 3 Jun 2011

tips for newbie bloggers.

hello all. tak tahu lah macam mana orang boleh tanya saya ; ' macam mana nak bagi orang suka blog kita?'
here,i give some tips. i don't know samada these tips are useful or just a fount of tips but maybe all of you can practice these.or might some of these.

first, avoid using very simple language in blogging.contohnya 'y (yang)','awk','jgn' and so on.sebab some readers or major of readers can't accept this type of language tau.but if you think that this tip is 'sampah',just do what do you think best for your readers. second,try to ask your friends or somebody else that always be you followers of your blog about the best appearance and jika ada something yang you all kena baiki,baiki lah jangan tak baiki sebab for me,readers are the most important 'thing' that you all kena score.like their ideas,comments and bila ada yang kritik you all punya blog,jangan terus lempang dorang or make something yang buat dorang menyampah dekat awak.macam amy ; dia kawan saya.dia pernah lah ckp bahawa blog saya ni simpe aje.but tak perlu marah,biasa lah tu.third,use such sempoi language.blogging is interesting.and your entry is interesting if many readers like it.jangan strict and serious sangat.the inference here is;tahap ke-interesting-an entry anda depends by the number of readers visit or drop by your blog.jadi try to present a good entry dan jangan fokus pada benda yang dorang tak nampak and tak alami.contohnya buat entry yang korang aim readers among your classmates or somebody else.kalau boleh,buat entry yang umum dan fun! the last one, avoid using such LONG url of your blog.just make it simple and easy to be remembered.

that's all. i don't think that im good blogger. but trying to answer Siti Swiss's ques ialah satu usaha nak increase the readers of this blog.

p/s : today is my uncle punya majlis pertunangan. Ciq Yie =)