aku dalam dilema sekarang ni.

Khamis, 1 Mac 2012

I am here.

WHEN ? this word is now synonym to the topic of tarikh result SPM and STPM keluar. some people ignore about the STPM's because they are SPM candidates. TAPI sesungguhnya STPM result punya tarikh keluar sangat penting. why do I say it is very important? do ask your counselor yep.

today is 1st of march. around the corner,there must be a news stated that SPM result or STPM result will be announced. oh God,how could I calm this dup dap dup dap? I've no idea kenapa saya rasa pelik aje bila fikir pasal result. tak macam UPSR and PMR dahulukala since I just stayed calm and chill like no one could say to me; sudoh lah sudoh,result mung doh nok tubik. when anyone dare to say like that,I boo-ed him or her and gave my annoying face. but now-- cuma kegelisahan bertamu di hati. this jiwang sentence can I type here;means that I cant stop thinking of my result. Is tear or smile will win that day?

besides thinking of my SPM result, I am thinking of something important and I already had a few of nightmares on this. well dear, which path should I go through?

medic? architectural? teaching? or else?? there are many question marks.  

I know,at this particular time I should have 'something'  of what I want to be in the future. in simpler word,yes! AMBITION. *sigh*  but medic is still my first option although it has both pros and cons. yeah,for examples medic is quite tough, tons of syllabus, a very expensive course and you should love it like madness because you've to face a risk of seeing the dead-surgery-blood and so on lah.

hee,I've no intention to frightened you guys but seriously it is! but think again, the pro is it is worth. for me lah, it is really worth. nowadays  malaysia requires a lot of doctors, I don't have to worry about the 'pengangguran' things. and one more thing, the tittle ; Dr Nurul Fakhriah.

so now my current mood is- hoping and praying for the best. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ amin! 

Nurul Fakhriah