aku dalam dilema sekarang ni.

Selasa, 6 Mac 2012

Segmen : Blog Reviewing by Haruno Hana

Who is Haruno Hana? Yes! She's a novelist and her novel entitles Lovin' You. I don't really expect that I am now joining her segment 'Segmen : Blog Reviewing by Haruno Hana'. Honestly, I join this segment because I love her novel. Even the main 'gift' I will get if I am chosen is my blog will be reviewed, BUT-- wordless.

By the way, I already ticked the T&C to join this segment. Hope I'll be chosen by my Haruno Hana. Dear, love your novel especially the hero of Lovin' You, Kira

Well guys, for those who want to join this segment you can click THIS

I've tagged two of my BFFs.