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Selasa, 6 Mac 2012

Segment : Let me review yours!

Guys! I want to welcome you to join this segment. Called as Segment : Let me review yours!, this segment is such an unique segment because for those who want to join, just SMS me to my phone number teehee. There are few terms and conditions yepp. WAJIB buat hehee! 

# Do LIKE my fanpage. find it at my left sidebar. *wink*
# Do FOLLOW my blog. easy,just click the tumblr Follow icon above.
# Tag three of your tip top friends and inform them 'bout the tagging.
# Make an entry 'bout this segment. Short and nice entry.

Sweeties! I will choose five of the all joiners' blog to be reviewed. The eligibility :

# Entry yang penuh kejujuran.
# Ada unsur 'educated' entry jika anda ialah seorang pelajar.
# Tidak bergantung pada kecomelan blog anda yaww!    

Tarikh tutup ialah 10 Mac ini. SMS ke 0145015817. :)

Wee. That's all for this segment!
Having such good moment blogging.